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Connect through a VPN to protect your privacy and bypass restrictions
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Hideman Ltd.

Hideman can help you protect your privacy, save bandwidth and bypass various types of restrictions by connecting through a virtual private network (VPN). The program has an extremely easy-to-use interface, so much so that you can easily start the connection by pushing just a button. It supports connecting from practically all types of programs, such as browsers, email clients, messengers and others.

Although the tool can probably work without making any adjustments, there are a few parameters that you would like to change. One of them lets you select the country you would like to pretend you are in; and, luckily, there are various to choose. This is a great advantage when you are trying to skip geographical restrictions that prevent you from accessing a given website or service from your country. It is also useful as a way to protect your privacy from some tracking sites. Moreover, if you connect through a proxy, it is possible to set the required parameters. Likewise, it can help you evade school or corporative restriction as well. Fortunately, as all data travels in encrypted mode, nobody can know the sites you are connected to or the contents being transferred. However, you should know that it will not stop network administrators from detecting the use of this kind of service.

The program as such is free but it depends on the services you buy from the provider. Luckily, there is the possibility to use a free subscription. Yet, it does have some limitations as to speed and number of countries. On the contrary, the Ultimate and Mobile subscriptions do not have such restrictions and let you change IP on the fly. Finally, you must know that all VPNs services have the same downside: you are trusting a lot of information to a third party.

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  • Works with all types of programs
  • Lets you use IPs from multiple countries
  • Supports connecting via proxy
  • Transfers encrypted data


  • The free service is restricted in speed and number of countries
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